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“If the foundation is good, the finished product will prosper.”
Adam Richards

All lawn seed and lawn fertiliser blends can be accommodated.

The difference between a fair lawn and a great lawn is some simple renovation tips:

1. Watering

Water regularly for 10-15 minutes (summer and winter).

2. Mow Lawn

Ensure that the mower blades are at a minimum height of 3″ or 7 – 8cm.

By increasing the leaf length you:

  • Strengthen the plant
  • Improve photosynthesis
  • Strengthen the roots
  • Reduce evaporation
  • Natural way to fight weeds

3. Feeding

Feed the lawn regularly with granular lawn food four times per year to encourage a stronger lawn. Feed at a rate of 3.5kg per 100m2 of lawn and always water in well for at least 10-15 minutes. See Seed/Fertiliser page for times and quantities.

4. Aerate

Aerating the soil will encourage depth of penetration by water, seed, worms and nutrients. It will also encourage the roots to penetrate into new holes and collect nutrients and oxygen vital for a healthy lawn.

Important: note where sprinkler heads are located to avoid damage.

Then, depending on the size of the lawn:

  • Pitch fork
  • Hire spiked roller
  • Hire mechanical core aerator to remove core-plugs.
  • Heavily rake the entire lawn to clear away thatch and soil plugs, then feed and water.

5. Scarify

This process requires cutting or stripping out the thatch layer, which builds up between the grass and the roots.

It is best carried out by skilled turf specialists and often requires over sowing with seed and top dressing with sand/soil.

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“I’m a bit of a caveman – I don’t go out into the digital space very often. I lie facedown on the grass and count how many bugs I can find.”
Dave Matthews