Mr Turf


Here are the most frequently asked questions we have received from customers over the years.

Q: What areas do you work in?
A: All over Victoria & Southern NSW

Q: Do you have a minimum area requirement?
A: Minimum $660 (plus travel charges) call out for Metropolitan Melbourne.
This will cover approximatel 400 sqm

Q: Do you service domestic sized yards?
A: For the minimum $660 fee (plus travel charges) we cover all sizes up to 400sqm
Bigger sizes call for a quote.

Q: Can you advise me on the best application?
A: Our ENDURANCE BLEND has been developed over years of experience in varieties of applications.

Q: Can you treat areas where previous attempts at establishing grass have failed?
A: Grass is quite a tolerant plant, almost any application can be renovated to help establish a healthy lawn.

Q: Can I try different mixes to help with grass establishment?
A: ENDURANCE BLEND is a mixture of seeds created for that purpose.

Q: How much notice do you need?
A: We usually need 5-10 days notice so our team can work your request into our calendar

Q: Do I need to do any preparation before application begins?
A: Yes, like painting, sanding gives a better result, so to is true for lawn establishment.
Rotary hoe the entire surface until you reach a fine finish that can be easily raked & levelled.
If needed add sandy loam as required to build up areas & again rake level.

Q: What sort of access do you need?
A: We can get our equipment & hoses into very tight locations.

Q: What is topsoil? Is it important?
A: Topsoil is the layer in which the seed germinates and grows, as the layer has sufficient nutrients to support long term growth. Topsoil is important when trying to grow grass as demonstrated above.

Q: Will the lack of topsoil affect the result that i was expecting?
A: Yes, if you have a lack of topsoil it will affect the end result that you were expecting.

Q: Is it suited to the area that I live in?
A: After years of experience, the ENDURANCE BLEND has been established to cover most applications found in Victoria.